Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wanted: Much Needed Inspiration

Please forgive the self-indulgence but I was wondering if anyone could help... Wrote this a while ago when I had one of those 'that would make a great opening for a story' moments. Thing is wrote the following and then the inspiration just kinda died... Was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the next bit? Im aware that most of what I write is complete crap but everyone needs to write crap every now and then... its theraputic!!


I was having a seriously bad day. Now here’s the thing, everyone thinks they know what it means to be having a bad day and can probably reel off countless examples of things that went wrong and spoilt their day. It may be the morning when they burnt their toast and nearly set the kitchen on fire or the time the car wouldn’t start and made them miss that concert they had waited all year to see. Alternatively people consider it a bad day whenever they get into trouble with their boss, parents or whoever over some small trivial matter and they are made to feel so small that cells have to use a microscope to see them. There are infinite examples and it would be impossible to list them all but I think you’ve got the idea. That’s what everyone thinks a bad day is. If they only knew the truth then most people wouldn’t bother getting out of bed in the morning for fear of having a REALLY bad day.

Truly bad days, like the one I am currently in the middle of, are thankfully very rare. However when they do occur, they are likely to be life changing events that suddenly make you realise that your previous concept of a bad day was so far wide of the mark that you begin to wonder if your understanding of anything was ever accurate.

To help you understand why I can class this as a true bad day rather than a day full of minor annoyances, which is what it started out as, I need to set the scene a bit. At the moment its just gone midday and I’m currently crouched in a typical inner city underpass, full of the usual fast food wrappers, leaves and other rubbish. None of the lights work, the walls are covered with local gang graffiti and there is the faint smell of rat piss in the air. All things considered it isn’t the type of place you want to be crouched unless you absolutely have to. Unfortunately I absolutely have to.

I’m out of breath and bitterly wishing that I’d started going to the gym when I said I would. Maybe then I would be in slightly better shape and not trying to fight off what feels like an impending coronary. On the road overhead a couple of police cars are racing past, sirens blaring. Normally this isn’t something to worry about except this time they are looking for me. For the record I’d like to make it perfectly clear that I am completely innocent. I know that hiding from the police in a stinking underpass full of litter isn’t really the action taken by an innocent person but you don’t know the entire situation yet and trust me when I tell you, hiding in this underpass is the only way I can stop myself landing in even more trouble.

So any one got any ideas or is it just best if I give up now?!

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Miss Understood said...

What about........and this is topical. You've had your identity stolen and then replaced, except that there now exists a length of history of all sorts of inexplicable wrong doing. Things you haven't done but are now inescapably linked to you. Possibly an agency frame up. While you are not aware of any of this at first, you start to learn of it through people's reaction to you. This is why you feel so uncomfortable above ground and in range of the police sirens. You have no idea of the extent of your your black mark.

Sorry, sounds a bit familiar to every story ever told.

I have to agree with Kim though, of what I have read, I do like your writing style. Very George Orwell. Very descriptive, not just to the point of conveying where the character is, but also knowing how the character should feel, should they be there. Delivering it in a very straight forward manner. That is not a criticism, it really just makes everything more believable. Dickens, at the other end of the spectrum, gives you a picture of exactly everything. Nothing is left to chance. The problem is it assumes that everyone takes everything in. Quite honestly, people take in very little. They are quite often unaware of anything two yards in front or them. Hence why numerous people try and and walk into you, or try to get run over by your car or don't notice you on theother side of the street, on a daily basis. This situation will obviously assist your character in remaining elusive. But then again, I'm not a reader.