Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The dangers of sharing a washing machine

There was just nearly an international incident in my house. Finally got to put some of my washing in the machine. Haven't been able to get near it for a while as Katie seems determined to wash every single piece of clothing that she owns. Anyway I put my WHITE washing into the machine and left the magic washing faires to do their work. Went back a while later and discovered as I was taking my clothes out that a RED knee brace thingy had been left in the machine!! Luckily all my clothes were still white... But thats not the point!! Everything could have been dyed pink!! Dunno about the rest of you but I assume like me that you check that you have removed everything from the washing machine before leaving it for someone else to use!! ARGH!!!

Ok... breathe...



Miss Understood said...

And as we know from a previous entry, you can't stand pink. I agreed at the time and have had no good reason to change my mind since. Pink day should be interesting!

Kimmy said...

That was a close one dude. But thatnk God, your clothes are still all white.
The only good thing that could of come out of this accident had it happened, was that you would have had an abundance of pink items to wear to pink day.
I would personally have a word with Katie and just point out how close this was.
Also, slap her!!!

Ellie said...

Katie has now moved out. No idea where it is that she's actually gone and quite frankly I don't really care that much... And yes that mattress is still in the spare room.