Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday night and Andrew is getting hot!

Another night out with my colleagues and another event to log in the 'bazaar things that have happened while on a night out with my colleagues' note book. Going out is getting very complicated. Events happen and dramas occur. I am glad to report that on this occasion the biggest emotional crises we had to face was starting our meal a little late. Just a few light casualties there. However physically we were not so lucky. Andrew was the victim of some extremely hot soup being tipped over him by a waiter. Doesn't that normally only happen in bad sit. coms.? He did survive though and I believe a free bottle of red wine did help to ease the pain.

Lets be careful out there team members. Ellie has had chocolate mousse over her trousers, Andrew has had hot soup, there are foods lurking round every corner just waiting to be spilt on your freshly laundered clothes. Its a messy world out there. Will our clothes survive the quiz tonight?


Ellie said...

That was one of the strangest meals I have ever been too. The same waitress who got Andrew all hot and bothered kept shoving me out the way to put stuff on the table. Restaurant was well hot.

Had a very interesting conversation with the taxi driver on the way home. We decided that we are all being ripped off for ice cream and beer.

Anyone know why you have to type in the random word every time you want to post an entry?!

Kimmy said...

I am actually quite glad I didn't go on Saturday.
The whole thing sounds like a bad trip on acid!
"Interesting" evening at the star and garter quiz though. Just seemed incredibly random.
Oh and Ellie, I think the thing with the word is to stop spam leaving a comment on the blog. Is spam a real person then?