Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our House

................and I'd furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves.
Tonight those members of the blog who dined together agreed that we should all be living together in practically perfect harmony. There are of course a few minor things we need to sort out before that can happen e.g the money and finding the right property etc etc . So just in case our lottery numbers come up this weekend I think we should gather some ideas about what our house should look like (yes those towers can be made out of ivory Ellie) and have in it. Also don't forget to volunteer for a role in the house or just like the phone rota you may be allocated a duty.


Kimmy said...

I very much like the idea. And if it could save me a bit of money, I would be even happier.
I would like the duty of cleaning. Although I am sure my fellow housemates would clear up after themselves anyway.

Ellie said...

See Im perfectly happy with a bit of mess so I may not clean up right away...
What I want to know is if in addition to the ivory towers is if the house will be built on the moral high ground, over looking the fence. Will the house have a glass house annex and will we look before we leap into buying it? :P

kbay said...

Yes Ellie we must remember not to locate in an area where only fools and horses rush in and where angels fear to tread.
Kim we might have to set a performance standard for 'clean' and 'clear up'.
Is clearing up removing things from the living room to the kitchen and putting it in the sink?

Andrew said...

Would the house be built on sand?
Is it an all female house?
If not one could volunter for the gardening, rabbit control, phone and door answering duties, and anything else that may involve dutied can be communally agreed etc. Or would this make it sound like a hippy commune, not that there is anything wrong with them of course, I encountered a few when at uni in wales.
They are discussing the f'ing C word in Gosport also & what to do/go eat etc... It should not be permitted to mention it until December at least, or may be January.