Friday, September 22, 2006


Had to change the background as I can't stand pink!! Any other colour but that!! Thought I would share with you all the random accident that happened round my mates house. Went round there after work and was warned that the floor was slightly slippery as it had 'accidently' been polished. All was fine until Jenn came in with a open pot of mousse. I didn't see what happened... all I heard was a scrabbling sound and then lots of laughing. Looked down as a cold sensation crept through my CLEAN jeans to find Jenns mousse was now upside down on my thigh. I saw the funny side.... eventually.



Miss Understood said...

Looks like the type of floor you find in swimming pool halls, but is definitely an improvement (says he who cannot even remember the last background, although I am guessing it was pink), as I too am not keen on pink.

Funny story about the chocolate mousse incident, but I do have two questions. What is a scrabbling sound? Is it the sound of word tiles being re-arranged on the slab, in preparation for a double word score? Oh god, can you imagine scrabble? We would spend the whole evening debating the definition of the first word put down! Also, what of the 'accidental' polishing? Did she trip over a can of pledge and a pack of dusters? Mind you, it sounds like she managed to give your jeans a good polish! "Chocolate mousse cleans upteen things clean"

Kimmy said...

I have to say Ellie, that the incident is really funny. It does however sound like the kinda thing that would happen to me.
I am starting to think that you have caught my clumsiness and general "things going wrong"ness from me.
Oh my god, its now airborn. Get out quick before it all goes wrong for everyone.
Are you sure though (before I go off on a paranoid rant) that you were not the individual who 'accidently polished' the floor as a joke?
Not that I am suggesting you would do such a thing. Although I would!

Ellie said...

No I didn't polish the floor, Emma did. Apparently she sprayed the table and got the floor as well.
Damn airborn clumsiness... DAMN YOU!!