Sunday, December 03, 2006


Im going to apologise right now to anyone who actually reads this as I am about to go on a self indulgent rant and I can't do this on my own msn blog as members of the Bracknell Massive read this and Id rather this didn't get back to them.

So I went out Friday night. Met up with my mate Steve and we went to a pub in town called the Goose. There we met up with Emily, Louise, Fern, Saskia and Stoif (yes I know the names mean nowt to you all but hey at least you will know the names of the people Im annoyed at).

Anyway I haven't seen all of these people except Steve and Stoif for at least 6 months. Bear in mind that we were really good friends at school. Now correct me if Im wrong but if you all saw a friend that you hadn't seen for the best part of a year you would make the effort to say hi to that person and make them feel welcome wouldn't you? Well apparently not. Was made to feel like a complete outsider all night. Tried on a couple of occasions to strike up a conversation and failed every time. Anyone outside of the little group of four might as well of not existed. Only time I was spoken to by one of the other girls was when they wanted me to hold their drink/coat. I also was made to feel like I had ruined their night by daring to wear trainers which meant we couldn't get into some of the clubs. I wasn't the only one in trainers but was made to feel like it was all my fault and I had ruined their night. Well excuse me for not conforming to the sort of stuck up mentality that all my female so called Bracknell mates seem to have.

Realise that anyone reading this is probably wondering what all the fuss is about and maybe it is one of the things you had to be there for but it REALLY pissed me off and just reminded me how very glad I am that I moved down here.

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Miss Understood said...


Could go on forever about this, but would just end up sounding like one of those "grumpy old men", so I will keep it relatively short. i apologise in advance for any cliches, but I don't suppose they are really!

I understand, as many others do. These sort of things do happen on a more frequent basis than they should do and generally to the the wrong people. People can be very very crap and selfish at times and some are all the time. Real friends don't do this or at least have a justifiable reason for bad behaviour. These are a blessing in disguise though. They help you realise, to differentiate between those who you should spend more time with, from those you should spend less time with. It is an unfortunate way of finding out though.

I don't think that was particularly short!