Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yes what should we arbitrate on?

I think we have fully considered and judged the correct way to hang a toilet roll, I may provide pictures later to fully clarify this to any person randomly dropping in to our pages.

A little housekeeping.....
Are we all happy with the look of our blog. The template can be changed but I would just advise that I am the sole administrator of the blog at the moment so if you pick one I don't like, I just won't get round to updating it!

Finally how many days, stranded on an island without food, would it take for a college who eats anything to start consider you as their next meal?


Kimmy said...

Well like i said, I am not very good at this whole "technical" thing so i will just say that the template/layout stuff is fine. In fact it is perfect (much like its creator)

Are you sure we have come to a conclusion on the toilet roll issue? I know I am right but not sure how others feel about it.

As for the "how many days" question, I think we firstly need to establish if a human counts as an animal. Any thoughts?
I would say about 2 weeks though. Any longer and I may just starve. Who would I eat first? well that is a very good question. It would depend on who was present.
Would you eat part of yourself if you were alone?

kbay said...

You are of course right kimmy.
I shall create a fully illustrated question on the toilet roll issue,
which we can debate and then adjudicate on.
As to is a human an animal, of course it is silly its not an insect!
I guess you could always start with the bits you don't need tonsils, little finger etc etc.

Ellie said...

I agree that we made need illustrated examples on the toilet roll issue, although surely by now everyone must be coming round to the idea that only correct way is to hang it with the loose end going over the rest of the roll?

I think maybe a brighter template would maybe look better... just a suggestion and I am more than willing to discuss it with people. Maybe we could change the colour based on a rota?

Im not ever planning to get into a situation where I'd have to consider eating bits of myself.

kbay said...

I hope you like the new look site. As Ellie suggested a rota of templates should possibly be set up