Monday, September 11, 2006

Depressing Soap Opera's

OK, now Miss Understood's comment about Dot Cotton got me thinking. At the moment, all soaps seem to be incredibly depressing (and I mean even more so than usual).
My basis for this thought relies mainly on Eastenders and Hollyoaks and as I do not really watch any others, I would appreciate some feedback from those who do.

Now we all know that Eastenders is usaully enough to make any self respecting, contented person what to kill themselves but the whole 'downs' story line is just too much. As for Hollyoaks, killing pretty much the entire cast in an arson attack from a crazy rapist. Why can't they just all be happy, like me (he he he he).

It begs the question, why on earth do I watch this crap and why do I decide to talk about it on the blog?

I'm sorry guys. I will go away now and think of something worth talking about.

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